July 13, 2009

FAQ about Sample Size Jars

It has been so long since I update this Blogshop of mine. Thousand apologies. redface

Today, I want to talk about my jars since many inquired about it.

Here's what I have compiled from the questions that I got:-

1. What size is your jars?
EP says: 5g size jar.

2. What is the price for one 5g jar?
EP says: RM1.50 / each

3. Does it comes with an extra lid (as in the picture)?
EP says: Yes. RM1.50 includes the cap, lid and the body. :)

4. Do you have those clear-lid ones?
EP says: See below.

As you can see the above, on the right side is the clear-lid jar which does not come with any protection lid / filter.

Side view comparison

What's the actual difference between the two?

See the mess? I'm not sure about other users who have these, but I find them not user-friendly and just look at the mess it creates!!

Especially when you open it up...

See the spillage?

And that's why I do not opt these for my pigment samples. :) So, in short, I DO NOT SELL CLEAR-LID Sample jars. :)

5. Can I know how much is 1/4tsp?
EP says: See below.

6. Any special price if I buy these jars in bulk?
EP says: My jar price is fixed to RM1.50 (for quantity below 100 jars). FREE SHIPPING (registered parcel) if you purchase more than 20 jars. :)

Any other questions? Feel free to mail me at pigments@live.com

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